Welcome to the future of local art!

Satisfying art enthusiasts from all income levels and experience takes a certain touch of reality and attention.  We specialize in putting original local art into the homes and businesses of art lovers both new and old.  Come visit us and experience all we have to offer.
Please feel welcome to stop by at any time.  You do not need an education or knowledge of the arts to appreciate it; nor, do you need to be wealthy to enjoy or participate.  All are welcome at the Art Station!   
We are committed to inspiring others visually, intellectualy and spiritually.  We encourage you to interact with and engage the artists and staff during your visit. 

Open Studio

Resident Artists

 We want to extend an offer to come out and paint with us any night of the week.  Bring your easel, canvas, brushes and paint!  EVERY NIGHT, Monday through Saturday, the Art Station has painting at the front of the gallery.  You're welcome to bring your supplies and set up shop anywhere at the front or back of the gallery.  All that we ask is that you please take what we do seriously.  If you want to push your art to another level, inspire or be inspired, get away from your normal surroundings or just be with other artists then come on by.  We paint 'til we drop so there is no time limit, sometimes painting until 3 or 4 in the morning.  No experience or appointment is necessary!  All are welcome to join us (for FREE) for a little art and great conversation! 

Adult classes have begun!

Be sure to check out the "Gallery" page to view works by our Resident Artists.  If you are interested in becoming a resident artist, please contact the
 gallery to apply.

Event Photos


The Art Station

Our gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 9am 'til 7pm, with extended hours on Friday and Saturday from 10am until 10pm.  We feature local art by several artists with the current exhibit showcasing  the talents of Ryan Karpinsky, Roy Lindsay, Ken Shermer, Nat Cole, and Jonay DiRagno to name a few.  They offer an eclectic mix of oil paintings, three dimentional art, and functional sculptures.  Abstract expressionism at a whole new level!

Make sure you check back for all of the latest at the gallery. The current project in the works is a happening new coffee house named Zoe's we are putting in next door to open in May.  It'll feature the finest of coffees, brews, and tunes to hit Gastonia.  You heard me; live cool music to compliment your beverage of choice.  A place to hang out, meet and talk with friends that you can actually hear over the music while you expierience  our fave blends of java from around the world or kick back and listen to  the tunage with one of our craft beers or select wines. Watch for the opening!

And coming soon... SECVA.  The Southeast Center for the Visual Arts.  Our goal is to create a cultural and creative community in downtown Gastonia. SECVA will be a regional desination point for families and residents without having to go to Charlotte. See our "Join Us" page to see more info on SECVA and how to become involved with the gallery! 

What can't we do!?!?

Gallery Entrance

Featured Project

Art Station Creative Arts Program

Gastonia Creative Arts Program

Now enrolling for middle and high school students! The Gastonia Creative Arts Program is an artistic and intellectual community that fosters creative thinking and provides its students with an intensive, relevant, and rewarding education in the visual arts. 

Be sure to check out the "Gallery" page to view works by our Resident Artists.  If you are interested in becoming a resident artist, please contact the gallery to apply.




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